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For parents of children ages 1-10

Learn the professional tips, tactics and strategies of Parenting Coaches for a fraction of the cost of private consultation!  From your first child to your last grad, parenting can be thrilling, frustrating, exhausting and deeply satisfying. But, it's never easy.   The good news is.... we don't have to raise them alone!

Want to become a team leader and create your own Parent Support Group?
It’s easy! Gather a group of 6 parents, we'll start with 5 meetings ...and your session is free.

Q. What is a Parent Support Group Team Leader?
A. A Team Leader recruits 6 friends to join a Parent Support Group. You are responsible for getting the completed signup sheets with payment to Nilly. In conjunction with Nilly, you set the location, dates & time for the meetings.  In return, the 5-session course is free of charge for Team Leaders ($180 value).

Q. Can a Parent Support Group have more than 1 Team Leader?
A. Sure! A Parent Support Group can up to 21 members for a total of 3 Team Leaders. I currently have a Preschoolers Group of 12 members that were all recruited by 2 Team Leaders.

Q. What happens when the 5-session course is over?
A. If you get your 5 friends to renew for the next session, then your next course continues to be free!  And, it doesn’t have to be the same 5 friends. You can always recruit new members to your group.

Q. How do I start?
A. Nilly has a Parent Support Group Packet that she will email you to use. It includes a general overview and sign up sheet. Most Team Leaders in the past have recruited members by email. Send out a group email (and ask them to forward it to friends). My Preschool Group was formed in less than 1 week over email.

Q. Where do the groups meet?
A. Small groups of 6-8 can meet at Nilly’s office. Larger groups can meet in private homes or at available locations such as the Junior League Building or the Christ Church Education Building.
My Preschooler Moms meet in a private home and make it a Girls Night Out. They rotate bringing snacks and drinks and meet for social hour before we start.

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