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Terry Molnar, PhD

Terry received his doctorate at the University of California in 1982. Has over 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families.

His particular interests include working with children-of-divorce, stepfamilies, couples and parenting issues. He also treats attention-deficit disorders, mood disorders and anxiety disorders.

I provide psychotherapy, and counseling assistance for a broad spectrum of problems, ranging from normal life stressors to severe and prolonged emotional problems.

I have over 30 years of experience and work with a variety of people and problems.

"Research shows that the quality and character of the relationship between therapist and the client is the most important and powerful aspect of the process." I work to establish a warm and effective working relationship with my clients, so that we can work together to relieve suffering and solve problems.

I take my work seriously and enjoy it. I do it primarily for satisfaction and secondarily to make a living. I do my best to help clients feel comfortable and to achieve success. I don't view clients as objects of treatment, but as people, hoping to benefit from my help.

You can learn more about me, the services I provide, my fee and forms to download at www.drterrymolnar.com.

You can contact me directly by calling 864-485-5944, or by emailing me at terrymoe67@gmail.com



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