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Shoray Kirk, PhD, MS, LPC

A note about Our public health crisis: 

It is true. At this moment, COVID-19 looms larger than anything any of us has experienced in our lifetime. Back in the early weeks and months after September 2001, the 911 attacks, the sense of doom and gloom loomed as large from that vantage point. Life was rapidly changing in front of our eyes and under our feet, then as it is now. When I, along with four other colleagues, rented a van and drove from Knoxville to NYC to offer our crisis counseling services, we we’re stepping into an unknown then as well. The nation felt under siege and no one knew how widespread this attack and its aftermaths would end up being. As is often the case, we know a lot more in retrospect. Just like then, we do not yet know the outer bounds of this current one. The personal or the collective cost. We are learning on the go.

What we do know, however, is that we humans long for connection and emotional support (in addition to practical ones, of course). Especially at times such as this. So, let’s reach out. Ask for and offer support in safe and healthy ways. As a species, we have weathered many collective hardships. And those who have stayed connected through helping one another have weathered better. Those who have practiced overriding anxiety driven thoughts and behavior in favor of informed and measured responses have come out more whole and even stronger. As a human family, we will get through this one too. And we can do it with dignity and kindness if we choose our path wisely, one informed action at a time, one act of kindness at a time, one unsure step at a time, one day at a time.

A little bit about me:

Shoray received her master's of science in counseling psychology, and her PhD in social psychology. She has accumulated knowledge and expertise over 20 years of experience in solution-focused counseling, coaching and consulting. Her approach to counseling and coaching is interactive, collaborative and solution-oriented, helping clients develop healthier patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating. She believes this kind of counseling and coaching is the pathway for you if you are interested in thriving rather than just surviving life's challenges.

Shoray's practice in Greenville includes:

  • Couples/Relationships
  • Blended/Second Families
  • Individual/Personal growth and development
  • Family Systems
  • Adjustment to life Transitions

Clear understanding of one's strengths and deficits helps us transform negative, automatics and habitual patterns of thought and behavior into healthful ones. Coaching or counseling can provide us with new and constructive pathways out of repetitive, self-defeating patterns. Deeper self-examination provides us with new perspectives which in turn enable us to rise above and beyond life's challenges or obstacles -i.e. personal transition; relationships; second family dynamics. Helping clients tap into their own inner compass and hidden gifts is one of the many privileges of my profession. I deeply value walking people through seemingly impossible impasses toward a place of peaceful fulfillment, internally and externally.

Clients with busy life styles seem to benefit from this more fluid and more proactive problem-solving model which allows for more flexibility - e.g. phone or web "meetings".

For more information, questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact Shoray by phone at 864-293-9994 or better yet, by emailing ShorayKirk@gmail.com.

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