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Men Therapy Session

Anna Voss, LPC



I believe that you have the lights of wisdom and love needed to heal the past and build the future. I am aware though, that sometimes these inner resources are clouded by fears, habits, and pain. My goal is to aid you in your journey back to yourself, so that your light can shine for yourself, those you love, and your community.

Using a combination of talk therapy, creative expression, imagery and visualization, solution focused therapy, and mindfulness/meditation practices, we will work together to identify goals for you that fit your needs. We will also create a plan that uses research based interventions and techniques to help you reach those goals. As a collaborative team, you and I can find those lights and give them the courage to shine.
I am Anna Voss, a Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina. I hold a Masters degree in Counseling from Clemson University and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. My mission is to provide individualized and effective counseling services to teenagers, their families, and adults. 

For more information about services, rates, or general questions, please feel free to call, email, or visit my company website at: www.illuminateupstate.com

  Contact Information:


main office line: 864-271-2740

buisness line: 864-380-6889