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Physical NOT Social Distancing

We are available for you and are accepting new clients during these uncertain times.

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis, we are adding phone and/or video sessions to our services in order to meet the mental health needs of our community.

During this time, the practitioners at APA are following CDC recommendations for social distancing which, in some instances, might necessitate virtual (online) than in person sessions.

As we all experience the constant shifting of the ground under our feet and find ourselves in disorienting uncharted territory, we could take comfort in the fact that psychological research on past crises can help us cope better with the emotional impact of this unsettling time. The daily — sometimes hourly — newsflashes about the pandemic are enough to make a non-anxious person anxious and cause deep stress and helplessness in many.


In times of crisis we humans long for and get filled by more, not less, social support. A challenge at a time when we are to follow “social distancing” guidelines. Belonging and connectedness are some of the deepest of human needs. Isolation denies us of these absolute necessities.

One thing we do know is that managing stress sooner rather than later can prevent long-term troubles. Acting as soon as possible is not just a good strategy for our mental health, but also for our physical, emotional, and relational health.

Reaching out to family, friends, and possibly a trustworthy and well-trained professional might be a pathway to minimizing the harm and increasing our chances of maintaining or even improving our emotional stamina and resilience during challenging times such as these.

You can count on us as part of your team!

Together with wisdom, care, skills and calm we will navigate these waters.



Associates at Park Avenue is a practice of absolute professionalism balanced with warmth, kindness, honesty, and respect for our individuality as well as our collective humanity.  Walking into the APA's lovely building on historic Park Avenue one might hear silence, soft music, sounds of water flowing, or laughter, tears and joy of true compassion, comaraderie, humility, and fun.  With about a century of experience amongst us, though we each have our areas of expertise we complement one another's work and hold ourselves accountable for the same goals we promote for our clients:  to do our own work, to take responsibility and to grow with what we have; to strive for more while embracing the now.  Whether we are working on our relationships, ourselves, our work environment, or our families, we believe in doing so with clear principals and goals.



News at Associates at Park Avenue

Introducing Nadine McCallum to Associates at Park Avenue.

Nadine is currently welcoming new clients - read her profile HERE.


In these difficult times please support the National Alliance on Mental Illness as they continue to provide support and care for mental health in our community.


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This week Associates at Park Avenue has Palmer Barr visiting as therapy assistant puppy.  So, don't be surprised if you see this loving precious being around the office.


Nilly Barr, P.A.
Receives Accreditation from the AAIM Accreditation Commission
Nilly Barr, P.A. received this accreditation through AAIM Accreditation Commission. AAIM Accreditation Commission has been accrediting mental health and integrative healthcare practices based on the highest quality standards.

AAIM Accreditation Commission’s mission is to advance mental health and integrative healthcare by holding practices to the highest standards of care. For more information about the AAIM Accreditation Commission, please visit the website at www.aaimedicine.com/accreditation.